September 29, 2008 – EarthSoft, the leading environmental data management company, and Promium, the top environmental LIMS systems vendor, today announced a collaborative agreement to automate the transfer of data from the field to the lab to the data manager, thereby establishing a seamless workflow solution. This new work integrates EarthSoft’s Sample Planning Module (SPM), Promium’s Element DataSystem LIMS, and EarthSoft’s EQuIS Data Processor (EDP), three widely used applications.

EarthSoft and Promium share many clients, including several EPA Regions, state agencies, and environmental laboratories. The synergy between EarthSoft and Promium encourages collaboration to facilitate the implementation of industry standards. This will benefit our clients by identifying high volume EDDs and supporting these EDDs in both systems. Ultimately, this collaboration will drive standards and continue to enhance market leadership positions.

EarthSoft’s Sample Planning Module (SPM) provides a planning tool for sampling events. SPM eliminates repetitive, manual, error-prone data collection by creating comprehensive sample plans, including chain of custodies and bottle labels. SPM also generates a Completeness Checker. SPM enables field staff to submit electronic data to the laboratories, minimizing omissions and errors.

Element DataSystem is a powerful laboratory information management system (LIMS) designed to enhance the productivity of environmental labs, specifically created for environmental chemists by environmental chemists. Over 200 laboratories use Element DataSystem and other Promium software products to increase their productivity, improve data management, and gain a competitive advantage in the ever-changing environmental testing industry. Many of the labs using Element DataSystem also use the EQuIS Data Processor (EDP) to check and submit EDDs.

EarthSoft’s EQuIS Data Processor (EDP) is critical to organizations wishing to effectively automate their workflow process for receiving vital data from both the laboratory and field. With EDP, all Electronic Data Deliverables (EDDs) are checked for formatting and valid values prior to submitting data to the EQuIS database.
The integration of EarthSoft’s and Promium’s applications will benefit the environmental industry. This collaboration will increase client efficiencies by automating data transfers establishing quality guidelines, and creating seamless workflows, all of which enable well informed decisions for environmental health and safety.

About EarthSoft: EarthSoft provides open, innovative software solutions for managing sample/technical data for laboratories, consultants/engineers, owner/operators, responsible parties and other stakeholders. For more information write, or visit

About Promium: Promium was designed for environmental chemists by environmental chemists. For more information write or visit

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