PocketSI Datasheets

December 5, 2008

PocketSI, by Keynetix, integrates with EQuIS.

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EarthSoft Announces Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA)

December 5, 2008

…Online EDD Certification Center…

December 2, 2008. EarthSoft today announces new SPLA agreements for consultants delivering hosted EQuIS systems. This new pricing and licensing better supports business operations dedicated to hosting EQuIS Oracle and SQL Server databases. Hosting EQuIS, also referred to as Application Services Provider (ASP) or Software as a service (SaaS), has become increasingly popular.
EarthSoft will now sell metered Enterprise applications on a per-database, per-EDD, or per-Report charge. These services are available both through EQuIS Online, EarthSoft’s own hosted EQuIS, and through multiple consultants. EQuIS End Users can pay for actual, exact use of EQuIS applications.

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AquaResource to hold Open House

November 5, 2008

AquaResource will be holding an Open House on Wed. December 10, 2008 from 2 to 7 pm in their new office located in Breslau (between Kitchener-Waterloo and Guelph). They will be hosting a few informative lectures in the afternoon that focus on their core areas of business; hydrogeology, information technology, and hydrology. These sessions will be followed by a cocktail reception in the early evening.

They request that attendees RSVP and indicate if they intend to attend the lectures and/or reception to RSVP@AquaResource.ca prior to November 28.

2009 Contaminated and Hazardous Waste Site Management Course to be held May 3-8

November 5, 2008

Theory, Practice & Outdoor Field Demonstrations

May 4-8, 2009
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

GOwen Environmental, the Association for Environmental Health and Sciences and the International Association of Hydrogeologists present Contaminated and Hazardous Waste Site Management, a comprehensive course that provides a solid theoretical and practical foundation in contaminated site management. The Course has been developed especially for individuals who manage, regulate, investigate, remediate, or are impacted by contaminated sites. Managing these sites is a multidisciplinary task, therefore, integrating several disciplines is necessary to efficiently and economically manage or make decisions regarding site issues.

Visit the Web site for more information.

Pollution Engineering Magazine: Workflow Automation and TQM with EQuIS

October 6, 2008

Total Quality Management (TQM) has provided valuable principles for manufacturing everything from printers to satellites. EarthSoft, the company behind the most widely used environmental data management software, has applied TQM principles which enables clients to “manufacture” high quality environmental data warehouses and subsequently make informed decisions. EarthSoft achieves this by integrating the workflow of environmental samples with manufacturing very large Environmental Quality Information System (EQuIS) data warehouses that are supported in either Oracle or SQL Server.

EarthSoft Announces New Community Center

October 6, 2008

We are pleased to announce the new EarthSoft Community Center, which will be replacing the EQuIS-users Yahoo! Group.

Members of the EQuIS community will have the opportunity to review and post comments in several EQuIS Discussion Forums and stay current on all EarthSoft news and announcements. In addition, EarthSoft clients with current Annual Maintenance agreements will also be able to access the EarthSoft Wiki from this site and use a Web-based file transfer application to transfer files directly to EarthSoft Support Staff.

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EarthSoft Announces SADA and ARAMS Exports

October 6, 2008

…Exports for Risk Assessment and Decision Support…

October 15, 2008 – EarthSoft today announces new EQuIS exports to SADA and ARAMS, as requested by several clients. These EQuIS 5 Professional interfaces are available immediately and will receive further investment as feedback is provided by EarthSoft clients. For download information on these exports, please contact us at support@earthsoft.com.

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Barrick Adopts EQuIS for Environmental Data Management

October 6, 2008

October 16 – EarthSoft today announced it has been awarded a contract from Barrick Gold Corporation to implement EQuIS software at all Barrick mines worldwide.

The Barrick contract consists of EQuIS software in SQL Server, an unlimited Distribution License of the EQuIS Data Processor (EDP) for Barrick’s environmental labs, and an unlimited use license of the web-based Enterprise EDP. In addition to these software licenses, significant training and consulting services will be provided to Barrick’s global operations.

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EarthSoft Announces EQuIS 3 End of Life

October 5, 2008

…EQuIS 5 SQL Server Express Prices Cut…

November 3, 2008: EarthSoft announces March 30, 2009 as the end of availability of EQuIS 3. Current EQuIS 3 customers will continue to receive full support from the EarthSoft Help Desk until December 31, 2009; however, EQuIS 3 Maintenance Contracts will not be renewed past that date. EarthSoft is also pleased to announce significant price reductions for EQuIS 5 SQL Server Express effective immediately.

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Sample Planning Module (SPM) Data Sheet

September 6, 2008

The EQuIS 5 Professional Sample Planning Module (SPM) provides an automated planning tool for sampling events. SPM eliminates repetitive, manual, error-prone data collection.

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