EQuIS 5 Limnology/LakeWatch

April 5, 2006

In April 2006, EarthSoft teamed with Dr. Noel Burns of Lakes Consulting in New Zealand and acquired LakeWatch.

Trends in Temperature, Secchi Depth, and Dissolved Oxygen Depletion Rates in the Central Basin of Lake Erie, 1983–2002

January 5, 2006

We examined temperature trends in a 20-year set of monitoring records collected at multiple deep-water stations in the central basin of Lake Erie. Data collected were statistically corrected (“deseasonalized”) to remove biases resulting from irregular sampling intervals within years. Depth-integrated summer temperature has increased by an average (±SE) of 0.037 ±0.01°C per year. An observed reduction of Secchi depth (SD) by 7 ±3 cm/y seems to be unrelated to variation in either total phosphorus (TP) or chlorophyll aconcentrations.

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