Real-time Data Discovery and Notification of Restoration Progress through Automated Electronic Data Delivery

April 5, 2000

A highly scalable, cost-effective enterprise Electronic Data Deliverable (EDD) management system has been developed to provide government project managers and industry consultants the ability to rapidly and effectively evaluate the progress of environmental restorations of contaminated geographic locations. The system provides automated EDD acceptance, validation, and database import by standardizing data delivery formats. The system includes an interface for real-time data discovery and monitoring.

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URS Delivers EQuIS Support in the Netherlands

February 5, 2000

Effective data management is essential for controlling environmental liabilities and risks, and also forms a critical component of any environmental project. URS provides a wide range of data management solutions, designed to bring added value to a client’s operations/projects by transforming data into the information fundamental to strategic decision-making.

Integrating gINT, EQuIS, and AutoCAD with LagEQ

February 5, 2000

Langan Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc. has developed an application called LANGAN gINT® EQuIS® (LAgEQ)which seamlessly integrates Microsoft® Excel, gINT®, EQuIS® Geology, Microsoft® Access, and AutoCAD® to simplify data input and quickly populate databases and generate professional looking boring logs and fence diagrams.

Integrated Environmental Site Characterization and Analysis: EQuIS in the Military

January 5, 2000

Four sites on military installations or managed by military agencies illustrate how EQuIS has been implemented as a core component of a more comprehensive environmental program to provide information to the decision-maker. With quick and easy access to discrete sampling information, analytical and conceptual models, and GIS, these systems constitute a valuable resource management tool for both proactive and reactive decision making.

Visualizing Environmental Data using ArcView and EQuIS

January 5, 2000

Performing advanced analysis and visualization of environmental and geologic data can be done easily and quickly using the EQuIS ArcView GIS Interface. A consortium comprised of EarthSoft, RockWare, and ESRI has recently developed tools to facilitate better and more efficient use of environmental and geologic data than has heretofore been possible. This solution involves the integration of several industry-standard applications such as ArcView, EVS, GMS, LogPlot, RockWorks, and more to produce a world-class, customizable solution for subsurface investigation and analysis…all accessible through a spatial GIS environment.

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