The Power of EQuIS in Environmental Management and Decision Analysis: Case Studies in Colorado

December 5, 1999

Selecting an optimal remediation strategy for environmental sites is never a straightforward, easy process. Successful management and decision analysis requires not only the availability of spatial, chemical, and geologic data, but also an integrated environmental quality information system which allows a project manager to utilize and analyze the data. EarthSoft’s Environmental Quality Information System (EQuISÒ) has been implemented by the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE) to aid in achieving these data management and analysis objectives. EQuIS tightly integrates data management with industry-standard visualization and analysis tools resulting in an environmental management system that allows the user to easily investigate “What If…?” scenarios. The EQuIS solution is enabling CDPHE to conduct a more comprehensive and effective evaluation of environmental impacts, migration pathways, fate and transport mechanisms, appropriate remediation methods, effects of remediation, and compliance. Examples illustrate how CDPHE is using EQuIS and what benefits have been derived therefrom.

Design and Implementation of a Comprehensive Geotechnical Database

November 5, 1999

US Army Engineer Research and Development Center Waterways Experiment Station project summary.

Managing Data Quality: What does your Chemical Result Mean?

November 5, 1999

What does your chemical result mean? How does one result relate to another result taken 3 months earlier? Were the analytical methods the same? Were the sampling procedures the same? Are these questions that you can answer?

Integration of Subsurface Data Management and GIS to Facilitate Model Calibration

October 1, 1999

The development of numerical codes, as well as pre- and post-processors to support these codes, has made the discipline of groundwater modeling increasingly more automated and efficient. The value of such modeling is reliant on the site-specific data used to build and calibrate the models. The integration of EarthSoft’s EQuIS Geology and any of several popular modeling environments results in a data management and analysis system that is more complete than the modeling system alone. Water level data are easily exported to calibration files for the appropriate modeling system. Coupled with EQuIS and other analysis applications, ArcView GIS can be used as an easy, graphical environment with which to facilitate the groundwater model calibrating process.

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